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Funeral cover claim waiting periods

We cover you immediately, from your first payment, because we understand accidents happen. Some types of claims however have a waiting period, such as natural deaths. So why the waiting period? Is it more red tape just to confuse you? What are the T&Cs (The fine print & confusion) behind all of this? It’s actually for your safety against fraud, so let’s get into this…

Accidental deaths, such as car accidents, murders, and shootings are not subject to any waiting periods and are covered from the first payment.

Waiting periods for death by natural causes, which is any illnesses, medical conditions, or old age, are:

Death related to suicide is covered after a 12-month waiting period and 12 paid premiums.

Why the wait? We don’t do medical screening or tests which means that we cannot determine the likelihood of a potential claim. By law, the funeral cover is also not underwritten (how risky a claim is) and without the waiting periods, we would have to charge more for our cover. It helps save you money and removes the red tape around funeral cover – keeping the products straightforward.

Would policy or cover changes affect existing waiting periods or result in new waiting periods? If you want to update your cover by choosing a bigger plan or you want to add new dependants to your current plan on your existing ZAZU Life policy then new waiting periods will be added. These waiting periods will only affect the new dependants that have been added, or if you have gone with a new plan then the same waiting periods will be added.

Do waiting periods apply if I move from another insurer? No new waiting period(s) will apply if you are coming to us from another insurance policy that is similar to the one you are now taking out. We will have a look at your current policy and what it covers to determine if any new waiting periods need to be added. If you want to take out additional cover that was not part of your original plan then new waiting times will apply. Make the switch!

What happens if I or a loved one passes away before exiting the funeral policy waiting period?

You are covered for death as a result of an accident immediately upon receipt of the first premium.

However, if you or an insured life pass away due to natural causes (for example illness) before the expiry of the waiting period, no claim will be paid.

What about the ZAZU On-Hand benefits?

ZAZU On-Hand benefits are available for FREE, really it’s free, to all funeral policyholders (excludes Value Funeral Plans), and joys there are no waiting periods for this! All benefits, excluding the repatriation benefit, can be accessed immediately and at any time so get going and take advantage of organising your life!

Need to know more about our waiting periods or our excellent products? Our team is on standby to answer all your questions and to find the best cover match for you – Contact Us

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