What is funeral cover?

What is the difference between funeral cover and life cover?

Funeral Cover is there to take care of the immediate and often urgent costs of a funeral. It’s for people who want complete peace of mind that they themselves and their loved ones will get a proper send-off. It’s one lump sum that is legally limited to a maximum of R100,000, usually paid out within 24 to 48 hours of a claim.

Life Cover, on the other hand, is not only designed to take care of the costs of the funeral but the ongoing costs of life itself. It’s there to preserve (and maybe even improve) the quality of life of the people you leave behind.

Why do I need a funeral plan? What does a funeral plan cover?

A funeral policy covers just the short-term financial needs of a family, such as the costs of a burial or cremation, grocery purchases and airtime. A lump sum pay-out can also be used to cover some of the costs of moving a person’s remains to their final resting place, should there be a need to travel, and even a gravestone unveiling.

Who can apply for funeral insurance?

Any South African resident can apply for ZAZU Life funeral cover. The policyholder must be between 18-65 years of age at the time of application. You can insure the whole family, both immediate and extended, from ages 0 to 85.

Am I covered for an event that happens outside of South Africa?

You are, as a South African resident, covered while travelling outside of the country, as long as you are not deemed to be resident in another country (for example working permanently in another country).

More on who can apply for funeral cover?

How do I know what coverage is right for me?

We all have different needs. Funerals are expensive and immediate cash makes a difference after death, removing the stress and financial burden on loved ones. Consider your unique situation and family (both immediate & extended), how the loss of a loved one would impact them and what your/their funeral cover requirements are. There are many costs associated with a funeral, planning for such an event can make a significant difference when the unplanned happens. Our plans start from as little as R45pm and our cover ranges from R5 000 up to R100 000 cover, which means we have something for everybody.

How do I know if my funeral insurance policy will cover all of my funeral expenses?

Get as much information as possible to avoid any surprises when the time comes. We suggest going to your nearest funeral parlour and finding out what the cost of a funeral entails, including any hidden or extra costs (like legal and administrative costs) that are not so obvious until one is confronted with having to arrange a funeral. This should give you a good idea of the cover that is needed.

What happens if the funeral expenses exceed the coverage amount on my policy?

Any shortfalls will need to be paid for out of your, or your family’s pocket. It is very important to get the right cover and not leave anything to chance to avoid costly debt. Anything left after the funeral however can be used for other purposes like education, clothing, food or other living expenses for those loved ones that are left behind. Nothing says it MUST be used for the funeral and making provision for a little extra really goes a long way in providing for loved ones even when we are no longer there to do so.

Why is funeral cover more expensive if you are older?

It’s more expensive because the risk increases with age. It is usually also not underwritten, which means that there are no medical or health checks that could potentially prevent you from getting cover for yourself or for a loved one. If the individual successfully passes the waiting period they will be covered – no questions asked.

Can I purchase funeral insurance in addition to other types of coverage?

You absolutely can yes. Funeral insurance is a stand-alone product which can be purchased on its own or can complement other life insurance products. Funeral insurance pays out a lot quicker with a lot less red tape which is something you need to consider if it is important to provide for loved ones within a short space of time (typically 24 hours, but ZAZU Life pays 100% of valid claims in 12 hours!).

Am I covered if I suffer from any existing medical conditions, or get COVID-19?

Yes! Death as a result of any known medical condition or Covid-19 is regarded as a natural death and the normal waiting period rules and exclusions will apply. If someone on your policy passes away from any disease/illness (e.g. diabetes or cancer) or Covid-19 after the waiting period is completed, they are covered. The cover is also not dependent on your COVID-19 vaccination status.

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