What is ZAZU On-Hand?

You helping hand when you need it most!

ZAZU Life policies have On-Hand benefits automatically included, at no extra cost, so your policy provides you with real benefits from day 1. When taking out a Zazu Life policy, and as soon as you have paid your first premium, you can get:

  • Trauma Counselling – If a member happens to be involved in a traumatic incident which has significant psychological consequences, trauma counselling sessions can be arranged. The trauma team will contact a client within 24 hours after the needed request is received. Face-to-face consultations are also available.
  • Telephonic Medical Advice – Provides members with easy access to medical resources and telephonic medical information.
  • Emergency Medical Line – A 24-hour dedicated line where a medically trained professional will be able to guide the member through a medical crisis.
  • Local Repatriation – Assistance with the transportation of the deceased’s mortal remains. This service is available to transport the deceased Insured life to the place of the funeral within 3 000km from where the Insured Life passed on. Note: Repatriation benefit is only available with a valid claim.

Call us on 086 111 ZAZU (9298) to access any of these benefits.

When can I start to make use of the ZAZU On-Hand benefits? Doesn’t the waiting period apply?

Immediately. The ZAZU On-Hand services are available from the time that the first premium is received and the policy is active – there are no waiting periods that apply to the ZAZU On-Hand services. The Repatriation service is the only service that is only accessible once a claim has been submitted.

Who can use the ZAZU On-Hand benefits?

Any of the lives insured on the policy can access any of the ZAZU On-hand services.

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