Who are we?

Our mission

We believe in LIFE. Products that matter. Innovation that serves. Insurance for policyholders’ sake.

Say goodbye to robotic customer service and hello to real people who care about you! At ZAZU Life, we’re shaking up the insurance world with our unique blend of innovative products, first-class technology, and of course our human touch.

What products does ZAU Life offer?

What makes us unique?

Our people. Our tech. And how this combines for a customer experience second to none. We are here to help, as your trusted insurance partner. We offer innovation that matters. Comprehensive products that are affordable, easy to understand, and packed with benefits. No hidden fees or costs, no fluff.

Zazu means to move. And we are all about moving the insurance industry forward. So let’s cut the noise and the fluff. Let’s remove the vain and expensive product gimmicks. Chuck out the outdated customer experiences and frustratingly long claims payments. Let’s design products that really matter. Products with benefits that can be used at any time. Products that are simple and affordable.

That’s who we are at Zazu Life.

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