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Who can I cover with my funeral policy?

ZAZU Life funeral plans are designed to provide cover for the BIGGG family. That means you can provide funeral cover for immediate and extended family members, in some instances non-family members, as well as groups like employers or organisations. These are typically:

  • Direct (immediate) family members: This includes yourself, your spouse (or partner), and up to 6 kids.
  • Extended family members: That’s your parents, auntie, uncle, brother, sister, gogo, grandpa, niece, nephew, cousin, and more… phew!
  • Non-family members: Our ZAZU policies allow you to cover certain employees like a nanny, domestic worker or gardener as an extended family member.
  • Group policies: We also offer group funeral solutions to employers and legal bodies (sports clubs, unions etc) with the option of tailored cover to suit your unique needs.

Funeral cover for immediate and extended family members

As the primary policyholder, you can apply to cover the following immediate and extended family members:

  • Spouse or Partner
  • Your kids over 21
  • Son and Daughter-In-Laws
  • Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren
  • Fathers and Mothers (your and/or your spouse’s parents)
  • Grandparents and Great Grandparents
  • Aunts or Uncles, as well as their spouses
  • Great Aunts or Uncles, as well as their spouses
  • Ex Spouses and Second Spouses
  • Brothers and Sisters
  • Brother and Sister-In-Laws
  • Cousins, and Cousin’s Spouses
  • Nieces and Nephews
  • Other employees of the primary policyholder where an insurable interest exists, like a domestic worker, a nanny, or similar.
  • Not sure? Let us help you.

Up to what age can a child be covered? Up to 6 children are covered automatically under our Immediate Dependant plans up to the age of 21, and up to the age of 25 if they are full-time students at a registered university or academic institution. Children over the age of 21 that are not studying can be covered under one of our Extended Dependant funeral cover plans.

Can I purchase funeral insurance for a disabled or special needs person? Yes, if it is the child of the main policyholder then the special needs child will be fully covered under our Immediate Dependant plan, regardless of their age. You can take an extended policy to cover the life of a disabled or special needs family member where the main policyholder is the guardian of the child.

Group policies, for businesses, organisations or similar

We offer bespoke group funeral cover structures and arrangements. Let us know at sales@zazulife.co.za if you are interested in exploring some options for your business or organisation.

Who am I not able to cover under my policy?

Non-family members, friends or acquaintances are not allowed to be covered by your policy as there must be an insurable interest between the policyholder and the person who is covered. If you are unsure about who you can provide cover for, reach out to us and we’ll be able to assist.

Some employees like nannies or domestic workers however can be covered, or where the policyholder is the guardian of a child.

Can I cover multiple people at once? How many people can I cover on one policy?

Yes, You can cover up to 8 immediate or extended family members on a policy.

Can I get a discount when purchasing funeral insurance for multiple individuals?

Our funeral plans are structured to give you the most benefit when adding multiple individuals to your policy. One low premium provides cover for up to 8 immediate family members, and our value plan bundles provide cover for 1-4 or 5-8 extended family members at one low premium.

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